Hi Geckos,

Here is some information regarding the EU Value Added Tax changes that take place from 1st July 2021.

As many of you know the Value Added Tax (V.A.T) system is changing again for all sales made to Europe from here in the UK and vice versa.

Due to this new rule they have given online sellers the choice of either joining the IOSS solution and collecting tax for EU sales for up to the value of 150 Euros or not joining and EU customers will remain responsible for paying their own import tax duty and handling charge.

As the new solution is only for up to the value of 150 Euros and due to the ridiculous charges and administration time involved we have decided its best to opt out of the proposed solution altogether as many of the EU sales are over the threshold anyway.

Due to this it does mean that as from the 1st of July we will be removing all the single sale digital back ups and the small range of instant download charts from sale as to sell a chart individually would mean we would have to register with every single country for vat and that is not feasible either.

We will be able to sell the PDF backups only at the same time as the kit sale using the available options. However if you accidentally purchase the paper copy and want to swap to a PDF, then this will need to be arranged before we have shipped the order as we will need to mention it on the customs label and sales records.

Whilst we appreciate that it’s only a couple of weeks notice this is the best option available so if you are interested in PDF backups for existing kits or you are looking for one of the downloadable charts or colouring pages then you should do so before the new changes are in place.

So to confirm as from 1st July.