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As part of your order, we offer this special request option that allows for changes to the fabric choice of the kits you are purchasing. Please be aware that this service must be used in conjunction with your order and cannot be ordered separately.

Availability: Our ability to accommodate fabric changes is subject to the availability of the fabrics. We strive to fulfil all special requests but can only make changes based on our current fabric stock. In the event that your chosen fabric is not available, we will issue a full refund of the special request fee.

Nominal Fee: A nominal fee applies to this service, covering additional costs related to storage, manufacturing, and purchasing. This fee also facilitates the identification and processing of your special request on the order form.

Cost Considerations: Please note that some fabric options incur higher costs due to the smaller bolt sizes we receive from our suppliers. This fee also helps us gauge demand for different fabrics, aiming to increase the availability of new and diverse fabric types in the future.

Thread Quantity: Our 28 Count (1x1) kits come with the same quantity of threads as our 25 Count (1x1) kits. This ensures that the thread quantity will remain sufficient if you decide to change fabrics.

Fabric and Stitch Compatibility: The 25 Count 1x1 kit option provides enough threads for tent stitch using two strands, suitable for both 25 and 28 count fabrics. This versatility may align with your stitching preferences and the finish you aim to achieve.

We're committed to offering customisable options that enhance your GeckoRouge stitching experience. If you have any questions or need further clarification about this special request option, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Fabric Change Request Instructions:

  • Use the text box in your order to specify fabric changes for specific kits.
  • One request per identical fabric change is sufficient. Where multiple different fabric changes are required, please order a request for each so that we can easily identify the different requests.
  • Indicate "All" for changes across all kits or specify changes (e.g., "Apply to all 25 count to 28 count") for particular kits.
  • Changes are based on fabric availability; refunds issued if unavailable.