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GeckoBoost - Flexi Thread Pack

Our kits already include at least 40% more thread than needed to complete a project, but sometimes life—and pets—happen! Whether it’s the cat running off with a strand, a mischievous puppy, or just the mysterious disappearance of thread (perhaps into the sofa?), we’ve got you covered.

This pack allows you to select 18 skeins of 4.5m thread from our extensive range of DMC stranded cotton, ensuring you have the correct colours ready to hand should you need them.

Why Choose GeckoBoost?

  • Customisable: Choose up to 18 skeins (each is 4.5m minimum) and tailor the colours and quantities needed for your project. Whether it's replacing lost threads or using a different technique that requires much more to complete the design, this pack provides the flexibility you need.

Please Note:

  • Pricing: The cost reflects the direct sourcing of high-quality threads from DMC in France, including staff labour, materials, and other associated costs.
  • Pack Contents: 18 thread colours, each 4.5 metres long. Please remember that we do not disclose the complete DMC numbers for our kits. The threads will be added in number order on a plain thread card. 
  • Global Shipping: We can ship your GeckoBoost pack worldwide. All orders are subject to the respective country's customs, handling charges, and delivery costs.

Ordering Instructions:

Please fill out the form with the necessary details of your kit. If you do not need 18 skeins or colours, we will supply the most used colour in your kit, providing the DMC number, assuming you have not already requested 5 specific colour names previously. We cannot support kits ordered via a third party and will only support kits ordered directly via us or an authorised seller.

All GeckoBoost packs are processed in order of kit purchases and you can track the status by logging into your account :)


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GeckoBoost Flexi Thread Pack

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