GeckoRouge Addition Thread Query

We would like to help you get back up and running so you can continue working on your GeckoRouge cross stitch art kit.

All of our kits contain a minimum of an additional 40% extra thread to what is needed to complete the design.

Up until February 2020 kits that required colours exceeding 20m would contain bags of the extra thread. On occasion this has led to thread bags being misplaced. As a result excess threads are now put onto an extra card.

In order to retain the original detail of the art, some designs can have ‘confetti’ stitches which are used primarily to blend colours to help achieve the near picture perfect detail. We know that this can involve lots of stopping and starting.

This can lead to an urge to carry the threads across the back of the work, and therefore result in over usage. Parking can cause a similar problem.

Below are some examples of carrying over which requires additional thread packs due to excessive use of the threads well over the additional 40% we have provided: ​​​​​​​



Here are a couple of examples of projects where the backs have not been carrying threads:



We appreciate that you may need to replace just one or two threads, mistakes can happen, pets and children may walk off with the pretty threads. To protect against copyright infringement we will only give out up to 5 DMC numbers to help you on your way.

If you have run out of thread and require an additional thread pack please complete the form at: 

Additional Thread Query Form

If you feel you have not received enough thread for the project then please can you complete the form and send the following pictures to so we can review and come back to you as soon as we can.

Please do ensure that the pictures are clear with good lighting so that we can get the best understanding of what the issue is and able to provide the best solution to help you.