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Dearest Gecko!

If you're reading this, you may be in search of additional threads. We fully understand the importance of supporting your cross-stitch art journey. That's why our kits go the extra mile by including a minimum of 40% extra thread beyond what is required to complete the design. We even round up the thread amounts to the nearest meter, and our new kits are rounded to the nearest 4.5 meters, ensuring you have plenty, even for those small thread lengths and intricate confetti stitches.

The main thread card contains anywhere between 1 to 20 meters of thread. Any additional thread will either be included on the same card or on a spare card located at the back of the thread card booklet.

To maintain the original detail of the artwork, some designs may incorporate 'confetti' stitches, which blend the colours to achieve near-picture-perfect precision. We strive to remove unnecessary stitches whenever possible. We understand that this technique often involves frequent stopping and starting so we provide 40% more thread than what is required to complete the piece.

As every stitcher works differently we appreciate some may use in excess of what has been provided in the kit, so we also offer additional thread packs for those that require them.

Here is an example showcasing excessive thread usage due to carrying threads over:


We acknowledge that mistakes can happen or threads may go missing due to pets or children. Therefore, if you need to replace one or two threads, we're here to assist you. To ensure compliance with copyright regulations, we can provide up to 5 DMC numbers to support your project.

If you require an additional thread pack because you've run out of thread, please answer the questions and provide the required photos if applicable.

We charge an administration fee to cover the time to review the kit files. If the shortage is due to an oversight of ours then we will refund you the fee. Once purchased you will be provided an order number and will be added to our customer order queue.

If you feel that you haven't received an adequate amount of thread for your project, please complete the required info and send the following pictures to We will review your request when we reach your order number.:

  1. 1 clear, full picture of the front of the project
  2. 1 clear, full picture of the back of the project
  3. 4 close-up pictures of the project, covering different quarters
  4. Clear pictures of the thread cards and remaining thread

Please ensure the pictures are well-lit and clear to help us understand the issue and provide the best solution.

For any further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact information provided below.

Thank you for choosing GeckoRouge and we look forward to seeing your finished masterpiece!

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